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Luke Smith

Based and Linux-pilled. Contains various useful stuff like some bigbrain reflexions, a Linux distro, a SearX instance, and many more.

«That's my lesson about egos: don't have one. Of course if you disagree with me you're wrong and you should feel bad and embarassed»

Saint Faustyna Kowalska

Polish Saint and mysticist.

Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul / Dzienniczek św. Siostry Faustyny, a book/diary by Faustyna Kowalska. It contains reported visions and conversations with Jesus on Divine Mercy:

Saint Faustyna Kowalska
Saint Faustyna Kowalska

Stanisław Michalkiewicz

Polish political publicist and commentator, lawyer, former politician, opposition activist in the communist Polish People's Republic, and book author.

Stanisław Michalkiewicz
Stanisław Michalkiewicz

Stéphane Mercier

Belgian Philosopher, reflexions centered mainly on abortion, contraception and euthanasia.

Stéphane Mercier
Stéphane Mercier

Carlo Acutis

Carlo Acutis was a young amateur programmer who became known for his site indexing all reported Eucharistic miracles.

Carlo Acutis
Saint Carlo Acutis

Random stuff

Gregtech: New Horizons

A great hardcore 1.7.10 Minecraft modpack. Tons of custom mods and active development.

GT:NH logo
«GTNH is basically pain for win - K1ngMX»

Cute kittens compilation

  • Nothing better to relieve stress.
    Video here.:yt:

No Hello

Please Don't Say Just Hello In Chat


PetPet Generator

Generator of what you can see on the added image.


Rauf's Embed Generator

Custom user-pastable embeds generator for Discord

Things Of Interest

Various stuff like Suicide Linux or reflections on time travel in sci-fi.

«Any time you type any remotely incorrect command, the interpreter creatively resolves it into rm -rf / and wipes your hard drive»

Vimm's Lair

Quite complete archive of old ROM's and ISO's for consoles like Wii.

Vimm's Lair banner
«Preserving the classics since 1997»

A better zip bomb

Beware: "I didn't directly experience this myself, but reports online say that Chrome and Safari may automatically unzip files after downloading."

«42 kB → 5.5 GB
10 MB → 281 TB»


WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for various versions of Microsoft Windows. It shows visually what things and folders take how much space on your hard drive.



French site featuring a large, user-submitted, often Risitas based, stickers/emotes repo.

Salam les kheys!

Darkest Pixel Dungeon

A rougelike rpg, with randomly generated levels, items, enemies, and traps. Based on the source code of Pixel Dungeon and Shattered Pixel Dungeon.



One of the largest book repos online. Also has articles and an onion mirror that does not take down material on DMCA requests.

«Intellectual "Property" is a Spook - Luke Smith»

Project Brick

Old LEGO games archive



Interesting Swiss card game, rules also available in English.


Temple OS

It is an operating system created by a single person, Terry Davis. Allegedly, God ordered him to write it as His third temple. Despite suffering from mental health issues (causing him to use racial slurs on stream), Terry gained a large number of followers and will always be remembered as an unseparable part of the internet culture.

«They glow in the dark»

Bt4g torrent search engine

Finds a lot of stuff, you can sort by seeders, size, and whatever "relevance" is.

bt4g.com Logo
Downloading car: [###..........]

Crdroid Android ROM

Great ROM, stable while offering a lot of customizations.

Crdroid Logo

Spinning Donut

Maths = spinning donut

«the math does work»

Dig Deeper

A couple of interesting articles about privacy on the internet, politics, and videogames.

«The Clearnet is doomed!»

/g/'s good sites

A huge and curated collection of websites. Warning, contains links to coomer (nsfw) content.



Another curated link aggregator.